Ella’s Painting February 24th – March 31st

February 24th

IMG_0940 IMG_0939

March 10th

IMG_1206 Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset IMG_1319

March 17th
Review of DNA Artspace
I was eager to check out Jenna Powell’s I’m Okay exhibition after hearing her speak last class about her work. The exhibition consisted of many of her pencil crayon drawings including some paintings investigating sinkholes and voids of space. The biggest thing that caught me off guard was the scale of her work and the amount of detail in her work that the photo’s in her slide did not capture. As you walked in, to your left was one of her bigger works that was not done in pencil crayon, but in oil paint. This was one of her newer and lengthly works. It was a good contrast as you moved from one image to the next. I was really drawn to her attention of detail, and ability to control her lines and movement so precisely. The artist’s hand was so visible. The other thing that was very interesting was how her images floated within a blank page. She had created such an environment however framed it with a large white boarder creating a larger sense of ambiguity within her work. It was a great opportunity to hear Jenna speak about her work because we got to hear where her inspiration for these works initially originated from. The idea of taking such a mundane and bland theme as the suburbs and creating such new, ambiguous art work is something to admire.

March 24th

IMG_1746 IMG_1315IMG_5556 IMG_5555

March 31st
Collaboration with Sophia

IMG_5558 IMG_5559_MG_5584

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