Danny / Public Art

On January 29th 2014, I wore one of my face-mounted works to the Art Juried Exhibition opening at Western University. Speaking as little as possible, I found myself hyperaware of the attention I was receiving. I became an object of spectatorship. Visibly a minority, I was asked if I had been a work in the show and questioned by puzzled facial expressions of onlookers. A few visual arts students at the show chose to interact with me. I am interested in the relationship of dominance and submissively. As I was “walked” through the gallery space, I started to be referred to as a dog, pet and animal. I was no longer “Danny.” The act of performance is dissociative for me. When initially thinking about how my artwork could be of service to the public, Court Jesters immedietly came to mind. I am fascinated by their role and identity within a social space. During performance, I very much felt I was an object of spectacle. The acknowledgement from my peers and professors transitioned from friendly to foreign. I felt caught off guard. I hope to continue this social/public practice in relation to my physical work.

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