Step 1: IMG_3534

interests: colour, gesture,ambiguity, line, direction, composition, art therapy, childhood, material, experience, holism, beauty, and music.
influences: Albert Oehlen, Mary Heilmann, Christopher Wool, Michael Krebber, Raoul De Keyser, Elizabeth McIntosh, Julia Dault, Sigmar Polke, Georg Baselitz, Scott Everingham, Martin Golland, Charline Von Heyl, Cy Twombly, Katharina Grosse, Peter Bonde, Kimber Smith, Martin Barré, Jacqueline Humphries, Gerhard Richter, Jessica Stockholder, Matt Connors, Michele Abeles, Rachelle Sawatsky, and Morris Louis.
ares of exploration: nature (specifically pattern and texture in nature), organic matter (food, consumption, when things look edible but aren’t), waste (garbage, excess), fashion ( Alexander Wang, Julian Zigerli, Naomi Campbell, Daria Webovy, “the look”, the length that people go for “the look”), beauty, childhood (glitter, collage, paste), my religious beliefs (universe, something bigger than ourselves), androgyny (I don’t believe in gender stereotypes and want to remove my work from “feminine” or “masculine”), perceptual psychology (what you see isn’t all there is).

dyed fabric, found images, acrylic on paper, sketchbook.

Step 2: IMG_6172

found images, jewels, glitter, spray paint, acrylic, gesso, gel medium.

Final: IMG_6147

“Fresh Out The Salon”
found images, gel medium, acrylic.

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