Stage 1:  Draft Work


Example of draft sketches.

Considered artists; Lorna Simpson, Will Cotton, Glenn Brown, Hank Willis Thomas, Renee Green, Yinka Shonibare, Lisa Yuskavage, and Kara Walker.

Proposal Concept:

Creativity in hairstyling for black women and men can be a challenge to assimilationist notions of beauty regardless of the style worn. Within in the black race hair is a symbol which relates to the social and political issues of the past. I am interested in how historically hegemonic standards of the ruling class established ideologies of beauty which influenced the black race in relation to how individuals perceived themselves. Throughout history including slavery in the nineteenth century, and the 1960s-1970s “Black is Beautiful” movement in America, hair was a key signifier of social distinctions. These movements  from the past construct modern understandings of the significance of hair. In my work I was trying to experiment with past and modern conceptions of the “exotic” in relation to hair, and literalize the racial term “coloured.”

Textual Influences: Black feminist theory (bell hooks and Tracey Owens Patton) and Afrocentric theory.

Depicting the concept is still something I am experimenting with and trying to find a painting approach that is suitable. Using a variety of mediums, practicing different portrayals of figures, isolating the hair as the main subject of the painting, and using natural colour tones complimented by bright colours, are suggestions that I intend to try. My goal is to develop a diverse body of work in relation to the theme while approaching other subjects that are not related to race.

Stage 2: Consolidation (Nov. 18th)

Watercolour & Ink works on 18″ x 24″ watercolour sheets.


IMG_0254 IMG_0252

Stage 3: Final Paintings (Nov. 25th)


Watercolour on 18″ x 24″ watercolour sheet.


Watercolour on 18″ x 24″ watercolour sheet.


Watercolour on 18″ x 24″ watercolour sheet.


Watercolour and acrylic on a 24″ x 30″ canvas.

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