For Tuesday November 11

As was discussed in class you are to create a project in three parts.

Part One is the draft: The object if this part of the project is to map out (using sketches, videos, collages, photographs, newspaper clippings, journal entries, sound recordings) a conceptual framework for your practise. What are the things that motivate you? Who are the artists/projects that interest you? How do you see painting and its discourses relating to the particular vision you have for your work? What are the important exhibitions you have seen? What is your work about? By compiling a kind of brief which you will present to the class, I want you to conceptualize and present this next project by articulating the important features of your practice. (Due for Nov. 11 crit)

Part Two Consolidation: Once you have presented this “outline” or conceptual framework for which you will define your project, the next step is to translate this into a two-dimensional form. I am suggesting that this translation happens first through drawings but finds ultimate expression in a watercolour painting no smaller than 24 x 30. (You will have time to work on this in class, due for (Nov. 18)

Part Three Painting: is to translate this watercolour into a larger,¬†more sustained painting. As we have been really pushing the language of paint, I expect that this new painting (or paintings) takes into consideration the material investigations and opportunities that you have been exploring. (This painting–or paintings–will be due November 25)