Nov 14th – Art Now speaker’s Series

“With marks [that are] just about touching, how paint works and doesn’t work and that kind of language I fell in love with”

Scott Everingham completed his BFA at NSCAD University in 2004 and his MFA at the University of Waterloo in 2009. He was initially was inspired with fiction and narrative within his earlier works and focused on a failure of structure which he created in an immediate painting process. This method establish a lack of a concrete footing and demonstrate how structures and figures fail within His paintings. Scott builds a space by making a mark and them moving on in a quick pace.

                         Supple Mechanism, 2010. 64″ x 58″

To prepare for his paintings he would read a lot of fictional literature which he found inspiration for drawing studies of lines, weight, scales which he would form to create his larger works. However he used little information from these studies which would be translated into the final product as Scott describes his process as centrally focused on “making moves as … [he] went”.

This process of painting encouraged Scott to investigate the material of paint and the possibilities this medium opened and closed. He attempted to engage the viewer with an experience of ‘getting lost’ within the fictional spaces which dealt with failure of a structure. His painting progressed from an organic formation to a composition which reflects on architecture. Scott began to build a temporal habitation through simplicity by striving to use as little strokes as possible to create his fictional environments.

 Deluxe Villas, 2011. 36″ x 48″, oil on canvas

This development encouraged a closer analysis of how paint “felt how it dripped up close” with an additional dialect with how this experienced changed as Scott back away from the canvas. His works became more abstracted as he became more and more simplistic with the quickness of Scott’s production of his works- he examines what could be a structure what could hold things up in a painting and still maintain a fictional space developing off of his earlier works. Scott Views the painting process as a study as he states the he never knows the answers and it is only developed through the production process of continuously pushing the fictional space through movements and mark makings. With a focus on the making and craft of a work Scott has experimented with “how colour works and how lines interact with each other” to build a language.

 Pause, Repeat. 2013. 60″ x 66″, oil on canvas

Scott Strived to make an environment with fewer and fewer marks, pulling the audience closer into the spaces that he created. The movement of the strokes take characteristics of structure of what they could be- full of a fictional environment represented in the surface, the presentation of the materiality of the paint, reflection of the light and etc. His decisions are based on previous works, experiments all building a dialogue of a fictional space and the possibilities of producing such a space.

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