Patricia Treib















“Treib is searching for an image that is not from a singular viewpoint, but includes and entertains the inconsistencies inherent in vision itself. For example, the type of disjuncture that is experienced everyday, but is smoothed over and made imperceptible through habit, which is the act of synthesizing the separate views from both eyes. The paintings are rooted in the physical disjuncture that is part of the body.”

“Patricia Treib received an MFA from Columbia University in 2006. Her works have recently been exhibited at Wallspace in New York and Favorite Goods in Los Angeles. Treib had her first New York exhibition at John Connelly Presents and also had a solo show with Golden Gallery in Chicago. She has had residencies at Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture and the Marie Walsh Sharpe Foundation. Treib lives and works in New York.” (source)

“There is something almost quaint in Treib’s lack of conceptual gimmick. But these works don’t just float on their looks alone; they beg for an exhibition of a larger body to see where her abstractions are headed.” (source)

More images here and here!

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