Jennifer Taylor


Since the start of the semester my work has become increasingly abstract, especially considering I had only done one abstract painting in the past. I have become increasingly interested in how form and colour work together, which is why I think my painting has become more abstract recently. I like to work with colours straight out of the tube, as well as mixing own. I am visually stimulated from the contrast between the “pure” out of the tube colours, and the unique colours and washes I mix myself. Furthermore, working on raw canvas (covered with clear gesso) has been a success for me. I prefer how the colours look on raw canvas, compared to on stark white. Leaving parts of the canvas bare in the final product has created depth within my painting, and, for me, is an eye pleasing neutral colour that ties all the forms together nicely. In regards to the forms, some of the shapes are created by water drips, while others are from my imagination. When I am going about my day, I try to pay attention to shapes, opposed to details within objects, which assists me when I am painting forms. I work on all of the painting at once, not focusing on one particular area. By painting like this, I believe it gives the painting more energy. I feel great comfort and stimulation from the process of painting in this manner. For me, the finished painting is quite meditative and therapeutic, with some parts being still, while others having a lot of energy and movement. For me, this work is an escape from the image saturation I experience on a daily basis. We are living in a society that worships images and exact visual representations. It sometimes can be overwhelming the amount of images one consumes, especially with the continuous growth of advertising and the Internet. I feel my painting is a break from this, and I look forward to further exploring painting in this manner.

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