Patrick Nunziata

Patrick Nunziata

I cant pay attention for very long so I always find myself working on a new area of a painting before i realize I had actually moved spots. I have a lot of energy and I believe this is carried though in my paintings. Traditionally I have always tried to homogenize my works through increasingly diverse marks that intricately flow between form and color. Since I feel as if I completely understand this process I have jumped into new experiments; doing things such as putting a blatant x over my most successful entries or destroying a perfect painting entirely. I use words and language to my advantage in all of my works, the way I do this is by writing passages on a primed canvas; I would then react to what I had written by abstracting from the letters. It helps to consider the text under painting as a method of triangulating my next move. At this point I am completely sick of this process, I would like to use semiotics and visual language far more blatantly in my next works.

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